Melou Stewart Cline is a member of the Utah Music Therapy Association and the American Association of Music Therapy.

Melou is a Board Certified Music Therapist.  Melou uses music in a therapeutic way to help facilitate change in an individual during a music therapy session.  She has worked with children and adults in hospital settings.  She has facilitated individual and group music therapy sessions to help with relaxation, pain reduction as well as other emotional issues.

Melou’s training includes a Master of Arts degree in Music Therapy which she received from the University of the Pacific.  Her training included a six month internship as well as a Board Certification Exam.  Board Certified Music Therapist’s continue to take education courses to keep their certification current.

Melou received her NICU-MT certification in February of 2010 from the National Institute for Infant and Child Medical Music Therapy at Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare in Florida.  She is certified to provide music therapy services in the NICU such as multimodal stimulation, pediatric procedural support and rehabilitation with premature infants.

For more information on Music Therapy contact the American Association of Music Therapy

and the Utah Association of Music T


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