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Music therapist Melou Stewart Cline brings her own works to audiences

As a professional music therapist, Melou Stewart Cline knows the power of music to lift, to inspire, to help people through the hard times of life. "I often create music for specific situations, to fill special needs. So, I compose a lot."

She came up with an idea for a music collection with some of her own compositions and some by other musicians that would "reflect all the experiences in life, all the things human beings pass through, something that would include both beauty and sorrow. At some point, we all have to experience all that."

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Saturday 10.13 At Repertory Dance Theatre’s RING AROUND THE ROSE series, the intention is to stimulate learning and introduce children to the performing arts. Comments and questions during the performances are not just expected but encouraged. Today, the series presents TANNER DANCE (formerly Virginia Tanner Dance), considered by many to be the best children’s dance company in the state. Tanner Dance presents The Care and Keeping of Our Earth, with music and narration by Melou Stewart Cline. Ring Around the Rose: Tanner Dance @ Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, 138 W. 300 South, 534-1000, 11 a.m. Tickets: 355-ARTS.

BOUNTIFUL — “You never know what’s going to happen and you can’t prepare for everything,” said Alyssa Dehart. Two weeks ago, the Dehart’s home was struck by lightning, displacing the family. But amidst their misfortune, the family has found a community of love and support.

“The neighbors have been so thoughtful,” said Dehart. “We have everything you would want in a neighborhood.”

Last week, the Dehart’s neighbors rallied around them, holding a concert to raise funds for the family. Performing at the concert were Jon Schmidt and Melou Cline.


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