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From the Deseret News Article titled “It's beginning to sound a lot like Christmas” -December 9, 2005
MELOU STEWART CLINE; "The Sleep of the Child Jesus" (M.S. Cline)
As a music therapist, Cline knows of the power and effect of music. As a talented musician, she knows how to create it. She plays the piano, violin and xylophone. She sings. She arranges and composes. She showcases all those facets on music on this CD, which features a selection of her favorite carols, some well-known and others less familiar. It is pleasing, relaxing music that strikes an emotional chord. Guest artists Michael Van Dam on cello and Debi Gilmore on flute add particularly nice touches on the title cut, as well as "Hark, the Herald Angels Sing" and "How Far Is It To Bethlehem."-- C.W.
Concert benefits displaced family
Sarah Ryther 20.SEP.07

BOUNTIFUL — “You never know what’s going to happen and you can’t prepare for everything,” said Alyssa Dehart. Two weeks ago, the Dehart’s home was struck by lightning, displacing the family. But amidst their misfortune, the family has found a community of love and support. 
“The neighbors have been so thoughtful,” said Dehart. “We have everything you would want in a neighborhood.”
Last week, the Dehart’s neighbors rallied around them, holding a concert to raise funds for the family. Performing at the concert were Jon Schmidt and Melou Cline.
“The concert was absolutely wonderful,” said Dehart. “It was so nice to be with everyone in a relaxing environment and forget about all our worries.”
The family’s trouble began Sept. 5, when what they thought was an ordinary Wednesday became disastrous.
“I was feeding our children lunch when I started smelling smoke,” said Dehart. “I began looking around the house when suddenly a friend came knocking on the door. She said there was smoke coming out of our house. It wasn’t until later that we found out lightning had struck our house.”
“Looking back on it, it all seems so surreal, like a movie,” she continued. “You just don’t think things like that are actually going to happen to you.”
Dehart says that one thing that helped her children recover from the trauma was the firefighters’ efforts to save their two parakeets.
“The firefighters were overall so wonderful. They treated us so well and eased the burden of everything.”
Beyond the firefighters, Dehart says her family is grateful for the immense support of their neighbors.
“Our neighbors helped us so much,” she said. “One neighbor went out and bought us a bunch of groceries. Our neighbors figured out what we needed and they did it.”
Now, the Deharts, who have six children and are soon to adopt a seventh, are living in a neighbor’s basement, taking one day at a time.
“Jon Schmidt, the piano player, said ‘this area is so lovely,’ but I thought to myself that it’s the people that make it so lovely. The people are great.”

Melou Stewart Cline composed and performed a special song in the benefit concert held for the Dehart family.


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