When the rain drops it's wet kiss on my crown
as the darkening clouds discover my home.
I know not whether to laugh or to frown
but both will do for I'm feeling alone.

To sit in the dark without hope for the dawn
Embracing the shadow with my mind.
There's no spot for magic or light from a wand
to enter the space for me seek and find.

It begins with a hope a desire or wish
that makes way for a change or a glimmer.
Just enough where the orb glows into the mist
and takes shape through the drab as night grows dimmer.

The wish finds it's life when it tastes the first breath.
Planting pleasure inside giving root to the seed.
While a rainbow above puts the darkness to death
as the sky shifts to gold .......I know what I need.

I'm waiting for a day when the wish finds it's way back to me.
Wishing for a day when my hope finds it's way back to me.... to see the future of today.

© May 2012 Melou Stewart Cline (MelouMusic.com)


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